5 Questions: Nun Such

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To what country was Sister Luke sent to work as a nurse in Kathryn Hulme's classic novel The Nun's Story?
Belgian Congo
Northern Rhodesia
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Who co-starred as Sister Michelle in Elvis Presley's final film Change of Habit?
Debbie Reynolds
Janet Leigh
Julie Andrews
Mary Tyler Moore
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What was the real name of the so-called Singing Nun who had a number one pop hit with "Dominique"?
June Haver
Jeanine Deckers
Janet Mead
Dolores Hart
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The "Nun Study" was conducted over a period of 20 years at the University of Minnesota with the cooperation a group of Mankato nuns in order to research what condition?
Rheumatoid Arthritis
Alzheimer's Disease
Parkinson's Disease
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Where was Sister Bertrille (Sally Field) stationed in the TV sitcom The Flying Nun?
The Philippines
Puerto Rico