5 Questions: United Nations

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The Martin M-130 "flying boat" called China Clipper was built in 1935 for what airline?
Pan Am
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Actress America Ferrera played the lead character on what TV series?
Rules of Engagement
Samantha Who?
Ugly Betty
Notes from the Underbelly
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Writer Charles Spain Verral created what teen-aged detective who starred in a series of young adult books?
Judy Bolton
Brains Benton
Trixie Belden
Encyclopedia Brown
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Actress Jill Ireland was married for over 20 years to what "tough guy" film star?
Clint Eastwood
Jack Palance
Lee Marvin
Charles Bronson
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Basketball legend Michael Jordan is the majority owner of what NBA expansion team?
Oklahoma City Thunder
Los Angeles Clippers
Charlotte Bobcats
Dallas Mavericks