5 Questions: Go Fly a Kite

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What singer wrote Aretha Franklin's number one hit "Respect"?
Al Green
Sam Cooke
Marvin Gaye
Otis Redding
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American statesman Benjamin Franklin's mother was related to the founder of what coffee company?
Hills Brothers
Chock Full o' Nuts
Chase & Sanborn
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Actress Bonnie Franklin played a divorced mom and struggling career woman on what TV sitcom?
One Day at a Time
Kate and Allie
Who's the Boss?
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Which of the following organizations was founded by President Franklin D. Roosevelt?
Boys and Girls Clubs of America
March of Dimes
Easter Seals
United Way
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Franklin Hart Jr. was the "sexist, egotistical, lying, hypocritical bigot" in what 1980 film?
Private Benjamin
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The Blues Brothers