5 Questions: I'm Glad!

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Gladys Kravitz was a nosy neighbor on what classic sitcom?
Family Affair
That Girl
The Honeymooners
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What airline ceased operations after Atlanta-bound Flight 592 crashed in the Florida Everglades?
People's Express
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What Billy's hit song "Rub It In" was changed to "Plug It In" in commercials for Glade Plug-In air fresheners?
Billy Ocean
Billy "Crash" Craddock
Billy Vera
Billy Idol
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What Ideal kids' game involved spinning game pieces with names like "Twirling Tim" competing in a tiny gladiator-style area?
Battling Tops
Gnip Gnop
Stay Alive
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Which episode of TV's Grammar Rock explained the types of words to use to describe "when you're happy or sad or frightened or mad or excited or glad"?
Get Your Adverbs Here
Conjunction Junction