5 Questions: Just Vent-ing

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Instrumental group the Ventures had a Top 5 Billboard pop hit with what TV show theme song?
Hill Street Blues
Hawaii Five-O
The Rockford Files
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Ventura Boulevard is located in which California valley?
San Gabriel Valley
San Joaquin Valley
San Fernando Valley
Death Valley
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Which of Elvis Presley's film co-stars left Hollywood behind and joined a convent in 1963?
Dolores Hart
Julie Adams
Yvonne Craig
Barbara McNair
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What author launched the Choose Your Own Adventure book series in 1979?
Edward Packard
Ed McBain
Debbie Dadey
Philip Athans
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What collective name was given to the defendants who were arrested and tried for protesting at the 1968 Democratic National Convention?
Jena Six
Squamish Five
West Memphis Three
Chicago Eight