5 Questions: No "Trans"-Fat in this Quiz

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"Sweet Transvestite" is a song used to introduce the main character in what stage musical?
The Rocky Horror Show
A Chorus Line
Spring Awakening
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The Trans Am was a specialty package for what sports car?
Grand Prix
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Which of the following was an advertising slogan used by Trans World Airlines?
Fly the friendly skies
The only way to fly
Something special is in the air
Up, up and away
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What anthology TV series began each episode by announcing: "Do not attempt to adjust the picture. We are controlling transmission."?
Alfred Hitchcock Presents
One Step Behind,/em>
The Outer Limits
Night Gallery
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Who starred as Sam, the teen caught in a war between two warring factions of robots in the 2007 film Transformers?
Michael Cera
Shia LaBeouf
Daniel Radcliffe
Ryan Reynolds