5 Questions: Natal Anniversary

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What TV series opened with actor Sam Jaffe intoning "Man. Woman. Birth. Death. Infinity."?
Ben Casey
Dr. Kildare
Marcus Welby, M.D.
Medical Center
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What actor taught porpoises to speak in the 1973 film Day of the Dolphin?
Sean Connery
Roy Scheider
James Caan
George C. Scott
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What actress once claimed that her parents falsified her birth certificate in order to allow her to marry 66-yera-old Xavier Cugat?
Traci Lords
Zsa Zsa Gabor
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What Academy Award-winning song became Doris Day's signature tune?
Stormy Weather
Que Sera, Sera
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Birth of the Federation is a computer strategy game based on what fictional universe?
Invader Zim
Star Trek