5 Questions: It Also Means "Happy"

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Author Gay Talese's 1966 profile of what entertainer for Esquire magazine is considered to be "the greatest celebrity profile ever written"?
Sammy Davis Jr.
Lenny Bruce
Frank Sinatra
Jack Benny
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What actress provided the voice for Mewsette in the 1962 animated musical Gay Purr-ee?
Judy Garland
Lena Horne
Julie Andrews
Diahann Carroll
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Marcia Gay Harden won a Best Supporting Actress Oscar in 2001 for portraying the wife of what painter?
Pablo Picasso
Peter Paul Rubens
Andy Warhol
Jackson Pollock
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"We'll have a gay old time" is the last line to the theme song of what TV series?
The Monkees
The Flintstones
The Real McCoys
My Mother The Car
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Who was Fred Astaire's dancing partner in the 1934 film The Gay Divorcee?
Ginger Rogers
Eleanor Powell
Cyd Charisse
Ann Miller