5 Questions: Gimme the Prize

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"Candy-coated popcorn, peanuts and a prize" was the jingle for what snack product?
Crunch 'N Munch
Screaming Yellow Zonkers
Fiddle Faddle
Cracker Jack
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Which of the following U.S. presidents has NOT won the Nobel Peace Prize?
Ronald Reagan
Barack Obama
Woodrow Wilson
Jimmy Carter
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Who portrayed housewife and contest junkie Evelyn Ryan in the 2005 film The Prize Winner of Defiance, Ohio?
Edie Falco
Nicole Sullivan
Julianne Moore
Tina Fey
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What was the first name of the person who established the Pulitzer Prize?
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What game show's introduction used to begin with the words: "Look at this studio, filled with glamorous prizes"?
Sale of the Century
Wheel of Fortune
Truth or Consequences