5 Questions: The Sims

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Which Saturday Night Live alum played Mary Katherine Gallagher in the 1999 film Superstar?
Maya Rudolph
Amy Poehler
Molly Shannon
Nancy Walls
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Who was the host of the long-running CBS TV series House Party?
Art Linkletter
Arthur Godfrey
Garry Moore
Dennis James
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What was the name of the dentist who served as a human "guinea pig" in 1982 and survived for 112 days on the Jarvik-7 artificial heart?
Christiaan Barnard
Lewis Washkansky
Bruce Reitz
Barney Clark
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What singer had a top 10 hit in 1962 with "Vacation"?
Petula Clark
Connie Francis
Brenda Lee
Lesley Gore
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What online travel agency uses a lawn gnome as a TV spokesperson?