5 Questions: Let It Be

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What actor's mother, Mary Martin, played Peter Pan on Broadway?
John Forsythe
William Devane
Larry Hagman
Patrick Duffy
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When asked for some words of wisdom on The Tonight Show, what entrepeneur replied "Put the shower curtain inside the tub!"
Conrad Hilton
Donald Trump
Leona Helmsley
Ted Turner
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What was the name of the message boy-turned-soldier who betrayed the Von Trapp family in the film The Sound of Music?
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What organization sponsored "Earth Hour," an hour of darkness that swept around the world to promote climate change on March 27, 2010?
Amnesty International
World Wildlife Fund
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What pop star recorded the rap tune "Speaking in Tungs" under the alias Shawty Mane?
Jesse McCartney
Clay Aiken
Justin Bieber
Nick Jonas