5 Questions: Folks we Lost in 2010

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Child star Gary Coleman suffered from an autoimmune disease that affected which of his bodily organs (which also stunted his growth)?
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Dixie Carter married a widower and became a cast member of what sitcom in its waning days?
Silver Spoons
My Two Dads
Diff'rent Strokes
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Heavy metal vocalist Ronnie James Dio first gained major fame after replacing vocalist Ozzy Osbourne in what band?
Deep Purple
Black Sabbath
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What was the name of Lena Horne's one-woman Broadway show for which she won a special Tony Award in 1982?
Bridge & Tunnel
The Lady and Her Music
The Act
The Search for Signs of Intelligent Life in the Universe
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Actress Patricia Neal was once married to what childrens' book author?
Paul Zindel
Franklin W. Dixon
Fred Gipson
Roald Dahl