5 Questions: Just Like Jesse James

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What was the nickname of professional wrestler Jesse Ventura?
Macho Man
Mr. Wonderful
The Hit Man
The Body
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Dennis James hosted the syndicated nighttime version of what game show from 1972 to 1977?
Wheel of Fortune
Match Game
The Price Is Right
The New Treasure Hunt
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What does Carly Simon promise to cut for her beau in the lyrics of her 1980 hit "Jesse"?
Fresh flowers
Her hair
All ties to him
Birthday cake
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What was the title of the short-lived 1979 TV detective series that starred James Earl Jones?
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Whom did Michael Dukakis select as his running mate in the 1988 presidential election (instead of Jesse Jackson, as originally anticipated)?
Richard Stallings
Lloyd Bentsen
Dick Gephardt
Joe Biden