5 Questions: Never Netherlands

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The kitchen in which sitcom family home had a Dutch door that led to the back yard?
Home Improvement
The Cosby Show
The Partridge Family
The Brady Bunch
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Which of the following dance-titled novels is a thriller written by Elmore "Dutch" Leonard?
Bump in the Night
Freaky Deaky
Last Tango in Paris
Oliver Twist
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Who starred as a construction worker who volunteered to drive his girlfriend's son home from boarding school in the 1991 film Dutch?
John Goodman
Tim Allen
Bob Saget
Ed O'Neill
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What actress released a version of Frankie Smith's jump-rope anthem "Double Dutch Bus" in 2008?
Brandy Norwood
Tia Mowry
Tatyana Ali
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What was the real first name of the bootlegging gangster known as Dutch Schultz?