5 Questions: Groundhog Day

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The sitcom Grounded for Life centered around an Irish-American family that lived in what area of New York?
Staten Island
Long Island
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Which of the following folks was a co-founder of the Hog Farm, the longest-running commune in the U.S.?
Jello Biafra
Wavy Gravy
Lux Interior
Pearl Harbor
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What David Bowie song begins with the lyric "Ground control to Major Tom..."?
Ziggy Stardust
Life on Mars?
Space Oddity
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Which U.S. college uses a "hog call" to cheer on its football team?
University of Arkansas
North Carolina State University
University of Georgia
Texas A & M University
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The term "ground zero" was originally coined in conjunction with what event?
Attack on Pearl Harbor
Cuban Missile Crisis
Bombing of Hiroshima
World Trade Center attacks