5 Questions: Thirtysomething

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What job did Jack Webb's character hold in the 1959 film -30-?
Newspaper editor
Police detective
Marine drill sergeant
Jazz musician
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Manufacture of which of the following devices was halted 31 years after it first hit the market (back in 1979)?
Bell Princess telephone
Sony Betamax
Sony Walkman
Lear Jet 8-Track Tape Player
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What inventor patented 35 millimeter motion picture film with four sprocket holes per frame?
Alexander Graham Bell
Thomas Edison
Nikola Tesla
George Westinghouse
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Club 33 is a very exclusive "members only" restaurant tucked away at what theme park?
Knott's Berry Farm
Busch Gardens
Kings Island
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Which of the following films based on classic novels was NOT released in 1939?
Of Mice and Men
Wuthering Heights
Gone with the Wind
The Grapes of Wrath