5 Questions: "San"dy-tized for Your Protection

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What TV show was set in the fictional California town of San Pueblo?
Full House
Perfect Strangers
The Partridge Family
Home Improvement
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Thanks to the color scheme used on jars of Sanka, the handles on commercial pots of decaffeinated coffee are traditionally what color?
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Wholesome actress Sandra Dee was once married to what popular singer?
Paul Anka
Pat Boone
Bobby Rydell
Bobby Darin
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What actress portrayed a free-spirited single mom who is ordered to send her son to an Episcopal boarding school in the 1965 film The Sandpiper?
Faye Dunaway
Elizabeth Taylor
Kim Novak
Lynn Redgrave
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What would you find floating on the surface in a pitcher of traditional sangria?
Mint leaves
Fruit slices
Coarse salt