5 Questions: Slip Me Some Skin

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What author wrote the Newbery Medal-winning science fiction novel A Wrinkle in Time?
Susan Cooper
Madeleine L'Engle
V.C. Andrews
Malorie Blackman
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What singer had a Top 20 U.S. pop hit in 1983 with "Flesh for Fantasy"?
Eddie Money
Billy Squier
Billy Idol
Adam Ant
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What actor played the bumbling frontier scout Dusty, who rode a horse named "Freckles" on the TV sitcom Dusty's Trail?
Don Adams
Bob Denver
Larry Storch
Don Rickles
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Morocco Mole was the sidekick and trusty assistant of what cartoon character?
Secret Squirrel
Peter Potamus
Magilla Gorilla
Squiddly Diddly
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What table game is central to the plot of Amy Tan's novel The Joy Luck Club?
Shih Tao