5 Questions: Parks and "Rec"

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Which TV sitcom attorney frequently prefaced sentences in casual conversation with "let the record show..."?
Will Truman
Ally McBeal
Philip Banks
Clair Huxtable
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Who played Arnold Schwarzenegger's wife (who was actually a special agent) in the 1990 film Total Recall?
Sharon Stone
Linda Hamilton
Jeanne Tripplehorn
Kelly McGillis
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What fast food chain's motto is "Quality is our recipe"?
Burger King
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"God and sinners reconciled" is a lyrics from what traditional Christmas carol?
The Holly and the Ivy
Hark the Herald Angels Sing
Joy to the World
Angels We Have Heard on High
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What author's "memoir" of addiction and recovery, A Million Little Pieces, was revealed to be a work of fiction?
Misha Defonseca
Herman Rosenblat
J.T. LeRoy
James Frey