5 Questions: Happy Birthday, Clint Eastwood!

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What artist had a number one country hit in 1979 with "Every Which Way but Loose"?
Eddie Rabbitt
Charlie Daniels
Kenny Rogers
Johnny Lee
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Father Donald Frank Callahan, a priest in Jersualem's Lot, Maine, is a character who appears in several novels by what author?
Dean Koontz
John Grisham
James Patterson
Stephen King
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Playboy centerfold Misty Rowe was a regular on what TV variety show for 19 years?
Solid Gold
Hee Haw
The Lawrence Welk Show
Sha Na Na
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The Ford Motor Company named their Torino muscle car after a city in what country?
San Marino
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Alcatraz Prison was often referred to by what nickname?
The Island
San Francisco Hilton
The Rock
Little Big Inch