5 Questions: Test Tube

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What comedienne directed the 1978 film Rabbit Test, a comedy about the world's first pregnant man?
Totie Fields
Joan Rivers
Carol Burnett
Phyllis Diller
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What band insists that their 1981 single "Tube Snake Boogie" is about a surf board?
Molly Hatchet
The Marshall Tucker Band
ZZ Top
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Who is traditionally given an APGAR test?
Color blind person
Organ transplant candidate
Newborn baby
Heart attack patient
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Which of the following stations on London's Tube (Underground) is the oldest?
Earl's Court
Tooting Broadway
Piccadilly Circus
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Whose psychedelic bus journey was chronicled in Tom Wolfe's The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test?
Ken Kesey
Jerry Garcia
Charles Manson
Hunter S. Thompson