5 Questions: Bread and Butter

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"Hey, have you ever tried really reaching out for the other side?" is the first line from what number one hit by the band Bread?
Make It with You
It Don't Matter to Me
Everything I Own
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Little Buttercup is a character in which Gilbert and Sullivan musical?
The Mikado
The Yeoman of the Guard
H.M.S. Pinafore
The Pirates of Penzance
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The HMS Bounty arrived at what island nation in 1788 to collect breadfruit trees?
Saint Lucia
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What is the name of the supervillain alter-ego Butters Stotch occasionally adopts on TV's South Park?
General Anarchy
Corporal Punishment
Doctor Destructo
Professor Chaos
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"Is it bigger than a breadbox?" was panelist Steve Allen's catch phrase on what long-running TV game show?
Twenty Questions
What's My Line?
To Tell the Truth
I've Got a Secret