5 Questions: Toast and Jam

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What was the name of the company that marketed the iconic Flying Toasters screensaver software?
Astro Gemini
Serene Screen
After Dark
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What NBA legend co-starred with the Looney Toons characters in the 1996 film Space Jam?
Isiah Thomas
Michael Jordan
Shaquille O'Neal
Magic Johnson
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What TV variety show was originally called Toast of the Town when it first aired?
The Andy Williams Show
The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour
The Ed Sullivan Show
The Carol Burnett Show
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Before launching a career as successful record producers, Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis played together in what band?
The Time
Digital Underground
Public Enemy
The S.O.S. Band
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Melba toast was originally created (and named) for Dame Nellie Melba, who made her name in what performing art?