5 Questions: Toujours Paris

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Jerry Paris, who directed over 200 episodes of Happy Days, played a dentist and "best friend" on what classic sitcom?
The Bob Newhart Show
My Three Sons
The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet
The Dick Van Dyke Show
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Which of the following is the chemical name for Plaster of Paris?
Calcium sulphate hemihydrate
Hamamelis virginiana
Magnesium sulfate
Potassium nitrate
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In what film did Humphrey Bogart utter the memorable line "We'll always have Paris"?
To Have and Have Not
The African Queen
The Maltese Falcon
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What is Paris Hilton's relationship to Conrad Hilton, founder of the famous hotel chain?
Great niece
First cousin once removed
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The 1954 musical film The Last Time I Saw Paris was an adaptation of what short story by F. Scott Fitzgerald?
Babylon Revisited
Bernice Bobs Her Hair
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
A New Leaf