5 Questions: (Weird) Alpocalypse Now!

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What U.S. president signed the legislation that made it mandatory for television sets manufactured in the United States to be equipped to receive UHF (ultra-high frequency) channels?
Richard M. Nixon
John F. Kennedy
Dwight D. Eisenhower
Lyndon B. Johnson
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What comic strip character has a particular fondness for lasagna?
Hagar the Horrible
Dagwood Bumstead
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Which character on TV's Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids always wore a pink stocking cap that obscured much of his face?
Dumb Donald
Weird Harold
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Pop singer Ricky Martin got his show business start as a member of what boy band?
New Kids on the Block
Backstreet Boys
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What does the little boy who sings "My bologna has a first name..." in the famous Oscar Mayer TV commercial ask at the end of the jingle?
"How's that?"
"Are we done?"
"Where's my mom?"
"Can I eat now?"