5 Questions: Department Store: Women's Wear

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A silk blouse with a surplice neckline became a fashion must-have for professional women after Susan Dey sported the style on what TV series?
L.A. Law
Ally McBeal
The Closer
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What actress made her film debut in 1937's They Won't Forget and was immediately nicknamed "The Sweater Girl"?
Jean Harlow
Ava Gardner
Lana Turner
Greta Garbo
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What Canadian-born professional wrestler was nicknamed "The Blue Blazer"?
Brian Pillman
Owen Hart
Randy Savage
Eddie Guerrero
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The star of the synicated comic strip Tank McNamara works in what profession?
Commercial fishing
Law enforcement
Food service
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What alternative band had a Top 10 Modern Rock track in 2001 with "Short Skirt/Long Jacket"?