5 Questions: Department Store: Home and Garden

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Who portrayed Dr. Angelo, the scientist who experimented on a learning-disabled greenskeeper in the 1992 film The Lawnmower Man?
Hugh Grant
Gary Oldman
Pierce Brosnan
Charles Shaughnessy
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British pop group the Lightning Seeds got their name from a misunderstood lyric in what Prince hit?
U Got the Look
Raspberry Beret
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What type of vehicle might be equipped with a shovelhead engine?
Dune Buggy
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What British TV personality provides the voice of Travelocity's Roaming Gnome?
Harry Enfield
Jamie Oliver
John Cleese
Harry Hill
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Who painted American Gothic, the famous painting of a farmer holding a pitchfork alongside his spinster daughter?
Edward Hopper
Norman Rockwell
Grant Wood
Winslow Homer