5 Questions: Animal Genders IV

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What former rodeo champion has his own signature line of men's cologne called "Stallion"?
Ty Murray
Lane Frost
Billy Slater
Larry Mahan
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Mare Winningham was nominated for an Academy Award for her role as a Country-Western singing star in what 1995 film?
Walk the Line
Crazy Heart
Pure Country
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What Australian singer had a number one single in her homeland with 2007's "Steer"?
Olivia Newton-John
Missy Higgins
Natalie Imbruglia
Kylie Minogue
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Which Cheers character's favorite eatery was a place called the "Hungry Heifer"?
Woody Boyd
Cliff Clavin
Sam Malone
Norm Peterson
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Tusk III, a Russian boar, is the mascot of what school's Razorbacks sports teams?
Texas A & M
Clemson University
University of Arkansas
Wake Forest University