5 Questions: Animal Genders V

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Anti-vaccination activist Jenny McCarthy was once the host of what MTV game show?
Date My Mom
Singled Out
Remote Control
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Who authored the original series of books about the magical English nanny named Mary Poppins?
P.L. Travers
A.A. Milne
J.M. Barrie
C.S. Lewis
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Supermodel Christie Brinkley painted the cover art for which of Billy Joel's albums?
Glass Houses
An Innocent Man
River of Dreams
The Nylon Curtain
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What actress/singer was the spokeswoman for Faberge's Tigress perfume during the 1970s?
Eartha Kitt
Tina Turner
Diana Ross
Lola Falana
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What actor stole a key from Grace Kelly's purse prior to leaving for a stag party in the Alfred Hitchcock classic Dial M for Murder?
Ray Milland
Cary Grant
James Mason
Montgomery Clift