5 Questions: NFL Names II

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Which member of the Eagles sang with Stevie Nicks on her hit "Leather and Lace"?
Glenn Frey
Joe Walsh
Don Felder
Don Henley
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In what U.S. Territory does Daniel Craig organize the local townsfolk to fight off mysterious space invaders in the 2011 film Cowboys and Aliens?
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What is the name of the blustery but good-hearted buccaneer that Jim meets at the Admiral Benbow Inn in the classic novel Treasure Island?
Calico Jack
Bloody Bill
Drongo Kane
Billy Bones
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According to Catholic liturgy, who is the patron saint of animals?
Francis of Assisi
Vincent de Paul
Thomas Aquinas
Joan of Arc
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Who wrote the familiar theme music to the Pink Panther films?
Percy Faith
Henry Mancini
Nelson Riddle
George Martin