5 Questions: The End (Part II)

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Producer Phil Spector reportedly held what band at gunpoint in the studio during the recording of their 1980 album End of the Century?
Talking Heads
New York Dolls
The Ramones
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What Irish actor played a banker possessed by Satan in the 1999 film End of Days?
Liam Neeson
Gabriel Byrne
Daniel Day-Lewis
Aidan Quinn
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For what film did Tom Hanks eschew his salary in favor of a percentage of the back end (eventually pocketing $70 million)?
Apollo 13
Forrest Gump
The Da Vinci Code
The Green Mile
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New York's famous Bitter End nightclub is located in what area of the city?
Greenwich Village
The Bowery
Little Italy
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What organization was founded with the mission to end polio in the United States?
Christmas Seals
March of Dimes
Easter Seals