5 Questions: You "-ost" To Know

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What artist's work appeared on the cover of 322 different issues of The Saturday Evening Post/
Norman Rockwell
Ted Key
Andy Warhol
N.C. Wyeth
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From what city had Oceanic Flight 815 departed prior to crashing in the pilot episode of the TV series Lost?
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Dennis Yost was the lead singer for what soft rock band?
The Beau Brummels
Pure Prairie League
Classics IV
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What singer acted as co-host with Bob Barker for nine of the years he emceed the Miss Universe Pageant?
Helen O'Connell
Peggy Lee
Doris Day
Rosemary Clooney
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Who wrote the short story The Most Dangerous Game, about a bored big-game hunter who decides to use humans as his quarry?
John Cheever
Raymond Carver
Flannery O'Connor
Richard Connell