5 Questions: All "Hit"s, All the Time

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What professional wrestler was known by his nickname, "The Hitman"?
Roddy Piper
Bret Hart
Steve Austin
Ric Flair
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What two-person board game required a player to reply either "hit" or "miss" after each of his opponent's moves?
Connect Four
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What author was hit by a van and severely injured while walking near his Maine home in 1999?
Dean Koontz
Robin Cook
Stephen King
Tom Clancy
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What did Hit Parader magazine feature in each issue that other music rags (Creem, Rolling Stone, etc) did not?
A color centerfold
A flexi-disc
Lyrics for current songs
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Allie Reynolds, the first pitcher in the American League to hurl two no-hit, no-run games in one season, played for which Major League Baseball team?
New York Yankees
Cleveland Indians
Chicago White Sox
St. Louis Browns