5 Questions: Don't Hide It Under a Bushel

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The princess was called "Badroulbadour" in the original story "Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp"; what was her name in the Disney version?
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What U.S. monument features a verse ending with the words "I lift my lamp beside the golden door" mounted on a bronze plaque?
The Statue of Liberty
Mt. Rushmore
St. Louis Gateway Arch
The Washington Monument
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The vocal group the Lamplighters scored their biggest chart success by singing backup on what Thurston Harris hit?
A Little Bitty Tear
Pretty Little Angel Eyes
Little Bitty Pretty One
Little Miss Pretty
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What film studio utilizes a desk lamp as part of its logo?
Spyglass Entertainment
Anchor Bay Entertainment
Dimension Films
Pixar Studios
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The Major Award leg lamp featured in Jean Shepherd's A Christmas Story was inspired by the logo for what brand of soda pop?
Bubble Up