5 Questions: Spoiler Alert!

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The phrase "to the victor belongs the spoils" was first mentioned where?
In a Shakespeare play
In the Bible
In Chairman Mao's Little Red Book
In the U.S. Senate
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Which of the following cars was the first U.S. production vehicle to offer a factory-installed rear spoiler?
Pontiac Firebird
Dodge Charger
Ford Mustang
Chevy Camaro
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What British singer's single "Spoiled" barely cracked the U.K. top 40 in 2005?
Joss Stone
Amy Winehouse
Lily Allen
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Who portrayed the advertising exec title character in the 1957 film comedy Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter?
Bob Newhart
Don Knotts
Tony Randall
Wally Cox
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Which of the following Golden Ticket winners was the stereotypical spoiled brat in Roald Dahl's classic book Charlie and the Chocolate Factory?
Mike Teavee
Veruca Salt
Violet Beauregarde
Augustus Gloop