5 Questions: "Cub"by Hole

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Detroit musician Cub Koda is probably best remembered for writing "Smokin' in the Boys Room," which was a Top 5 hit for what band?
Grand Funk Railroad
Brownsville Station
The Amboy Dukes
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What stadium has been home to the Chicago Cubs since 1916?
Riverfront Stadium
Candlestick Park
Wrigley Field
Fenway Park
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Cub reporter Jimmy Olsen works for what fictional newspaper?
Sunday Comet
Daily Planet
Courier Sun
Daily Prophet
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What is the motto of the Cub Scouts of America?
Venture, adventure
Lend a hand
Deeds, not words
Do your best
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Which character presented the newborn cub Simba to the animals at the Pride Rock in the Disney film The Lion King?