5 Questions: Cup o' Joey

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Who served as sidekick to Joey Bishop on his 1967-69 late night talk show?
Alex Trebek
Hugh Downs
David Hartman
Regis Philbin
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Which of the following songs was a Top 20 hit for the band Concrete Blonde?
Run, Joey, Run
Joey Moe
Joey Don't Go
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Who won a Golden Globe for his role as a womanizing second-rate singer in the 1957 film musical Pal Joey?
Gene Kelly
Howard Keel
Frank Sinatra
Dean Martin
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Auto body shop owner Joey Buttafuoco gained infamy for a well-publicized love affair with whom?
Amber Frey
Amy Fisher
Mary Kay Letourneau
Pamela Smart
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What is the nickname of NASCAR driver Joey Logano?
Sliced Bread
The High Plains Drifter
Roid Rage
Rainbow Warrior