5 Questions: Just "Kid"ding

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What is the real first name of the musician known as Kid Rock?
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What child actor played Charlie Chaplin's adopted son in the 1921 film The Kid?
Mickey Rooney
Jackie Coogan
Freddie Bartholomew
Jackie Cooper
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Which of the following celebrities has NOT undergone a kidney transplant?
Neil Simon
Natalie Cole
Larry Hagman
George Lopez
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Which singer's son was kidnapped from Harrah's Lake Tahoe in 1963?
Frank Sinatra
Vic Damone
Tony Bennett
Bing Crosby
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What was the name of the effeminate socialite (and pen-pal of Queen Elizabeth) featured in a recurring sketch on TV's The Kids in the Hall?
Stuart Smalley
Buddy Cole
Danny Husk
Matt Foley