5 Questions: Happy Belated Boxing Day!

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What actress was the subject of a breach of contract lawsuit when she backed out of playing the title role in the film Boxing Helena?
Sharon Stone
Miranda Richardson
Kim Basinger
Nicole Kidman
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The Boxer Rebellion was an uprising that took place in what country?
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Who was the first U.S. presidential candidate to answer the question "boxers or briefs?" during a televised interview?
Al Gore
Bill Clinton
Ross Perot
Bob Dole
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What professional boxer is nicknamed "The Hitman"?
Leon Spinks
Mike Tyson
Thomas Hearns
Marvin Hagler
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Who sang the uncredited lead vocal on Black Box's U.S. Top 10 hit "Everybody, Everybody"?
Jocelyn Brown
Rosie Gaines
Zelma Davis
Martha Wash