5 Questions: Going to Pot

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Who portrayed Deanie, a young girl who ended up in an institution after boyfriend Warren Beatty ended their relationship in the film Splendor in the Grass?
Goldie Hawn
Ali MacGraw
Jane Fonda
Natalie Wood
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Bud Collyer served as the host for what TV game show from 1956 until 1968?
To Tell the Truth
What's My Line?
The Joker's Wild
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Steven Weed was once engaged to what infamous heiress?
Paris Hilton
Gloria Vanderbilt
Patricia Hearst
Barbara Hutton
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The style of shoe known as a Mary Jane was named after the sister of what comic strip character?
Charlie Brown
Buster Brown
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What instrumental hit did Herb Alpert take to number one on the Billboard Pop Chart in 1979?
Love's Theme
Feels So Good
A Fifth of Beethoven