5 Questions: Shirt Tales 4: "Cuff"

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Ron Dante, the voice behind the studio group called the Cuff Links, also sang the lead vocals for what other fictional band?
The Banana Splits
Josie and the Pussycats
The Bugaloos
The Archies
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What host ended up with a broken nose when fisticuffs broke out among the skinhead guests on his talk show in 1988?
Phil Donahue
Maury Povich
Geraldo Rivera
Jerry Springer
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What automotive manufacturer often featured a "Body by Fisher" emblem on their driver's side scuff plate?
General Motors
American Motors
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What magician registered with the Selective Service using "Handcuff" as his middle name?
Harry Houdini
David Copperfield
Lance Burton
Harry Blackstone
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What was the name of country legend Roy Acuff's backing group?
The Rainbow Ranchboys
The Smoky Mountain Boys
The Texas Troubadors
The Jordanaires