5 Questions: TV Dogs 1

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What type of garment is the Skyliner, which Eddie Bauer patented in 1940?
Fur-lined cap with earflaps
Sleeveless fleece vest
Baseball cap with insect shield
Quilted down-filled jacket
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What is the nickname of Duke University's varsity sports teams?
Blue Jays
Horned Frogs
Blue Devils
Fighting Tigers
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Richard Dreyfuss won a Best Actor Academy Award for his role as a struggling actor in what 1977 film?
The Goodbye Girl
Looking for Mr. Goodbar
The Turning Point
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What was the name of the lady plumber portrayed by Jane Withers in advertisements for Comet cleanser?
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Cartoonist Chester Gould created which of the following comic strips?
Rex Morgan, M.D.
Gil Thorp
Steve Canyon
Dick Tracy