5 Questions: TV Dogs 2

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What is the real first name of the reality TV star known as Dog the Bounty Hunter?
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What singer had a Top 10 pop hit in 1959 with "Tallahassee Lassie"?
Bobby Vee
Freddy Cannon
Gene Pitney
Eddie Cochran
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What silent film star created the character "the Little Tramp"?
Lon Chaney
Douglas Fairbanks
Charlie Chaplin
Harold Lloyd
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Beginning in 2002, golfer Tiger Woods starred in the advertising campaign for what SUV?
Ford Expedition
Toyota Highlander
Buick Rendezvous
Cadillac Escalade
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Fred Astaire featured in which all-star disaster film?
The Towering Inferno
Airport 1975
The Poseidon Adventure