5 Questions: TV Dogs 3

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Guitarist and songwriter Donald Roeser changed his name to "Buck Dharma" while still a member of what band?
Moody Blues
Red Hot Chili Peppers
Blue Oyster Cult
Simply Red
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What was the name of the school bully who used to pick on Arnold on TV's Diff'rent Strokes?
The Gooch
Geechy Guy
Alice the Goon
Grover Dill
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Who provided the voice for the title character in the 2011 DreamWorks Animation film Puss in Boots?
George Lopez
Ricky Martin
Freddie Prinze Jr.
Antonio Banderas
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What singer won a Grammy for her 1985 single "Freeway of Love"?
Patti Labelle
Aretha Franklin
Whitney Houston
Tina Turner
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Fake psychic Miss Cleo claimed to be from what island nation in her various TV infomercials?
St. Lucia