5 Questions: I Smell a Rat (and other Rodents)!

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Which of Beaver Cleaver's friends was rarely seen without an apple or candy bar in his hand on TV's Leave It to Beaver?
Larry Mondello
Whitey Whitney
Gilbert Bates
Chuckie Murdock
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In what film did Gene Kelly dance with Jerry the Mouse during a fantasy sequence?
An American in Paris
Anchors Aweigh
Singin' in the Rain
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What Southern university cooperated with the U.S. Public Health Service in using unsuspecting black men as human guinea pigs in a syphilis experiment?
Tennessee State
Jackson State
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What was the name of cartoon character Secret Squirrel's trusty sidekick?
Shamus the Chipmunk
Bladder Mouse
Minute Mouse
Morocco Mole
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The Golden hamster was originally discovered in what Middle Eastern country?