5 Questions: Freshly Squeezed

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The Jamba Juice logo resembles what meteorological phenomenon?
Lightning bolt
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What Juice Newton single was a Top 10 hit for Merilee Rush in 1968?
The Sweetest Thing (I've Ever Known)
Angel of the Morning
Queen of Hearts
Love's Been a Little Bit Hard on Me
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What rapper portrayed "Bishop", the leader of a group of friends called the Wrecking Crew in the 1992 urban drama Juice?
Ice Cube
Heavy D
Tupac Shakur
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During the 1970s O.J. Simpson was the celebrity spokesperson for what brand of orange juice?
Tree Sweet
Minute Maid
Sunny Delight
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What cartoon character regularly requested grape juice once Welch's became the show's sponsor?
Pebbles Flintstone
Jonny Quest
Elroy Jetson
Bart Simpson