5 Questions: Walking Dead

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According to the legend of Robin Hood, what was Alan-a-Dale's occupation prior to joining the Merry Men?
Wandering minstrel
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What non-profit organization publishes Ranger Rick magazine?
Camp Fire USA
National Wildlife Federation
Reading is Fundamental
Boys & Girls Clubs of America
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Who portrayed the gunslinging title character in the 1953 Western Shane?
John Wayne
Gary Cooper
Randolph Scott
Alan Ladd
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What retirement home was Dorothy always threatening to return Sophia to on TV's The Golden Girls?
Autumn Woods
Hillcrest Leisure Land
Shady Pines
Whispering Branches
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What number one country hit by Merle Haggard was also the title of a TV series starring Claude Akins?
Okie from Muskogee
Mama Tried
Kentucky Gambler
Movin' On