5 Questions: The Help

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What song did Skeeter Davis take to number two on the Billboard pop chart in 1963?
You Don't Own Me
I Will Follow Him
Our Day Will Come
The End of the World
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Constantine Maroulis, who starred on Broadway in the musical Rock of Ages, was a finalist on what TV reality show?
Project Runway
American Idol
The Apprentice
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U.S. President Andrew Jackson was often referred to by what nickname?
Old Sink or Swim
Old Hickory
Old Kinderhook
Old Rough and Ready
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What actor played a sheriff-turned-FBI agent investigating the deaths of three civil rights workers in the 1988 film Mississippi Burning?
Martin Landau
Tom Berenger
James Woods
Gene Hackman
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Hal Holbrook's Designing Women character, Reese Watson, was killed off so that he could co-star on what other series?
Evening Shade
Northern Exposure
Hearts Afire
I'll Fly Away