5 Questions: Take This for "Grant"ed

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What was the name of the Ginger Grant doppelganger (played by Tina Louise) who turned up in an episode of Gilligan's Island?
Eva Grubb
Erika Tiffany Smith
Edie Mackenzie
Eunice Wentworth
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What advertising slogan was used to sell Foster Grant sunglasses in the 1960s?
I dreamed I went shopping in my Foster Grants.
What becomes a legend most?
Share the fantasy.
Who's that behind those Foster Grants?
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What was the first name of Mrs. Ulysses S. Grant, wife of the 18th President of the United States?
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Cary Grant was pursued by mysterious agents at what U.S. landmark in Alfred Hitchcock's North by Northwest?
Grand Canyon
Hoover Dam
Mt. Rushmore
Statue of Liberty
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Eddy Grant's last entry in the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart was the theme song for what 1984 film?
Romancing the Stone
The Cotton Club
Streets of Fire