5 Questions: Author, Author! Part 2

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Who portrayed the paralyzed Vietnam veteran who fell in love with Jane Fonda in the 1978 film Coming Home?
Robert Duvall
Gary Busey
Jon Voight
Christopher Walken
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Which of the following Hollywood horses was a palomino?
Mr. Ed
Black Beauty
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Who choreographed and co-directed the quirky video for the Talking Heads' single "Once in a Lifetime"?
Paula Abdul
Twyla Tharp
Debbie Allen
Toni Basil
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What was the name of the Nantucket-based airline run by the Hackett brothers on the TV series Wings?
Sandpiper Air
Cape Air
Surfside Airlines
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Which member of Britain's Royal Family is known in Scotland as "HRH the Duchess of Rothesay"?
Kate Middleton
Sarah Ferguson
Sophie Rhys-Jones
Camilla Parker Bowles